Programmatic Buying 101

Friday, 16 December 2016 by
Programmatic marketing is “the process of buying and selling media in an automated fashion”. In other words, artificial intelligence is used to decide, in real time, what ad to show, to which target audience, where and when and over which platform, that is, desktop, mobile, video, social media and even TV. According to eMarketer, “more

Top 10 Digital Trends That Shaped 2015

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 by
2015 has been a year that has seen pretty much every aspect of our daily life witness so revolutionary change that can affect how we live in the near future. From taking pictures to shopping, these innovations below are slowly but surely taking us into that future we only saw in movies. Here are a

10 Ways To Get A Good Bite Of Social Media

Thursday, 19 November 2015 by
Many brands are afraid of getting on social media because of negative comments and backlash from fans when they face challenges. While big companies like Gap and the NRA can more easily bounce back after a social disaster, it could put a smaller company out of business, or at the very least have an impact
Google partnered with Bytesize, Nigeria’s foremost digital marketing agency in a fun and interactive session called Google@ Bytesize. The event which held at the Bytesize office was sponsored by Google to reinforce its ongoing relationship with Bytesize. Google had demo stations of some of its products like Google Now, Google Cardboard (Augmented Reality) and Google